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Subject To Change (2000)

by Alessandra Thomas(Favorite Author)
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Picturing Perfect
review 1: Awwwwwee, i loved this book, the first one was a little crazy and confusing but Joey's and Hawk story is really awesome and well written, I love that these books are more real or close to real life than any other book.Hawk is this motorcycle/bad boy that fell asleep in class kind of guy, with a lot of baggage on his shoulders, Joey is this girl who is taking every single drop of effort to make it through the semester so she can get into pre-med school and keep her promise to her dad who passed away from cancer, they got put together to work on a business project and from there this relationship begins to develop.Both of their worlds change in opposites directions as they both fall in love with each other but being proud and not realizing it almost cost their beautiful rela... moretionship!I love that there is no drama whatsoever in this book, they both have their childish moments but I think the characters are mature to talk about their problems and fixing them! 5 stars worth it and a great book!! Recommended 100%
review 2: 4 stars - This one grabs you fast and holds you good!The best way I can describe this book to you is to tell you what happened when I read it. I've been behind on my reading and so I wasn't sure I would get this one read in time for this review. I had just finished a book and written the review for it. It was 1AM and my mind didn't want to go to sleep, so I was looking at SUBJECT TO CHANGE. It was my next read and I was trying to decide about it. You know, just looks at it a bit and maybe read a chapter to see if it would be a quick read or not. Yeah, I looked up at 26% and was like dang I have to get up in 3 hours. So, I closed my kindle and attempted to go to sleep. That wasn't happening. Might as well read for 3 hours, do what I have to do and sleep after. So that's what I did. I read till about 76% and then took care of what needed to done, only to head right back to the book. Fastest 300 pages I've read in a while.What was it that captured me? The characters. Joey is trying to please her mom and keep a promise to her father she made on his death bed but it's not right for her. She's working as hard as she can, but it's not enough. But she's stubborn. She's not changing her major. Pre-med all the way. I love Joey. She's trying so hard to everything for everyone else, that she forgets about herself. I see some of me in her. I love how much it took to get her to see what she was doing wasn't what was right for her or what her father would have wanted. Why? Because it's real. I don't think someone like her would just be willing to change on a whim or few weeks of being exposed to different ideas. She grows but she does it at a real pace. I liked that.Hawk. Oh how I love Hawk. He's moody. He's passionate. He loves his sister so much and he tries so hard. It's all just a lot for someone still so young. He's got baggage, lots of it. But that's what makes him good for Joey and her for him. I love the story of his tats. I love that he shares that with Joey. I love that he tries but he fails to be part of her world. I love that he knows to be himself. He doesn't pretend for others. He is who he is and if you don't like it - too bad. Sometimes, I need to remember that. Thanks Hawk.The story obviously flows well. I don't remember the last time a book sucked me in so fast and held me so tight.This on is New Adult and has yummy steamy scenes in it. If you're loving this new genre as much as me, then pick this one up. Think you'll be glad you did. less
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I really enjoyed this book.Joey and Hawk were just awesome together!
Good solid read but didn't blow me away!!!
this is a cute story ;p
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