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A Beginner's Guide To Gunslinging (2014)

by Belinda Bauer(Favorite Author)
4.11 of 5 Votes: 4
1448170591 (ISBN13: 9781448170593)
Transworld Digital
review 1: Belinda Bauer is one of my favorite writers. Golly, gosh willikers can this woman write a compelling story. I was immediately engrossed in the story of Ruby, a young girl coming of age in a tough environment. Not only does the wind creak through the cracks, but so too does something slither beneath the surface of the story. Always. Always Bauer delivers. I can't reveal the story (clip from the publisher does that) or ponder on the characters (you should read it yourself), but I do want to say that with each turn of the page I was riveted. Even when I knew 'who dun nit' I still yearned to find out if I was right so every day while I'm sitting at work trying to get work done, I'd think of Ruby. On the ride home I'd work out all that I needed to get done and how the telly wou... moreld remain shut off until I finished the book. Belinda Bauer, you are terrific. Your stories haunt me, your writing compels me and I thank you for providing us with your gift. In your acknowledgments you indicate you wrote this during a particularly hard year and I'm sorry for whatever was going on, but you certainly didn't falter You delivered, as expected and as usual a first rate novel.
review 2: Ruby Trick is ten years old; she loves ponies and cowboys and doesn't want to grow up to be a woman because Daddy says they're all whores. When young women start going missing in their sleepy backwater and occasionally turning up dead, Ruby's beloved father says they deserve what they got. Okay, so it was pretty obvious who the killer was but that didn't stop this being a great crime thriller as we see how John Trick uses his innocent daughter to lure women to their doom. Cracking good read. less
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Really enjoyed it, it's a thriller but written in a very unique way from the view of a child.
i enjoyed this book,a gripping story, i will be reading more from this writer.
Another excellent read.
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