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Dannii: My Story (2010)

by Dannii Minogue(Favorite Author)
3.75 of 5 Votes: 3
0857200526 (ISBN13: 9780857200525)
Simon & Schuster
review 1: I have started reading Biographies as a way of relaxing as to be honest they do not require much effort !! It was interesting in someways finding out about the arguments we have read about in the press and to get it from the horses mouth so to speak ! makes me glad not to be famous as must be awful your life is not your own very moving reading about the pregnancy and how she did not want the press to know because before 3 months up!! my mum has always claimed their Nain came from near her home village TRaWS but mentioned mustang but perhaps they just moved their later on !! oh well now on to more challenging reads !!
review 2: From her early upbringing in Australia and finding hersel
... moref in the spotlight at an early age, to her pop career, and her true feelings about her sister Kylie. With behind the scenes and gossip from the X factor and what really did happen with Sharon Osbourne. To the tragedy of losing friends to cancer and helping support Kylie through her own battle with the disease and to finding love and becoming a mother,A well written and interesting account of Dannii Minogue’s life so far. From the lime light to her private life are covered in this book. We learn the truth behind the headlines and what really did happen. If you are a fan or if you like reading books about people this is an enjoyable and entertaining read that is also quite touching in parts. I was surprised to learn just how much I didn’t know about Dannii Minogue. less
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Exceptional - apart from the first few chapters which were somewhat boring.
loved it ready it again and agian
it was a fun book to read
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