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Rock Island Line (1975)

by David Rhodes(Favorite Author)
3.96 of 5 Votes: 5
1571310606 (ISBN13: 9781571310606)
Milkweed Editions
review 1: This is a powerful portrait of a man whose solitary life is wracked with loss. How he copes and the strength of character he displays are well worth the read. I'd read this before reading Driftless as the story of July Montgomery's life is the glue that weaves texture into that book. Both this and Driftless are good, compelling reads--burt both require time and dedication to finish--I would not call either an"easy read."
review 2: This one took a while to get into, but once I did I was totally immersed, just like in "Driftless", although I didn't like this one as much. It starts kind of slow and rambling, jumping back and forth to two generations in a small Iowa town, then gets better when it gets to the story of the grandson named July, the third generatio
... moren and the main character of the book. I really like the author, but this book is one that you want to save for when you have a lot of time, like a vacation. I would have given this a 3 1/2 if I could. less
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Interesting read after Driftless by David Rhodes.
Captivating, yet profoundly sad.
Couldn't finish
Great book.
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