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Mine, All Mine (2013)

by D.L. Rose(Favorite Author)
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Fated for Love
review 1: Sometimes I find it amazing how some authors completely fail at short story's and how others manage to leave you more satisfied than if you had read a full length novel. This is one of those books for me. D.L. Rose manages to give you everything that you could have wanted with in this short novel. From the first page there was deception, murder, mystery and intrigue; by the third chapter the chase is on and the romance has begun. I'm not certain if I'll continue on with this series just because I don't want to be let down if the other books don't hook me like this one did. A solid 4 stars!
review 2: Really 3.5 starsI found this book enjoyable and for the most part well written - however, there were some major editing issues that really should have been addresse
... mored before this book was published. I love this genre - historical & medieval romance is all I read - and I feel that I am a very generous reader, I do not nitpick over historical accuracy or even grammatical errors. But there are two things I cannot abide and both of those things happen in this book. 1 - Incorrect formal address of the characters - if you are going to write about the daughter of a duke, I expect you to know the proper form of address - Lady Lillian St. James would be referred to and addressed as Lady Lillian NOT Lady St. James. Her friend Olivia was referred to in this book as both Miss Brentton and Lady Brentton - having no idea what title her father has I don't know if she is Miss Brentton or should be Lady Olivia, but I do know she would never be Lady Brentton and nether is her brother Lord Brentton. Her other friend Lydia was also referred to as Miss Covvington and then later as Lady Lydia - which is it?? 2 - Modern verbiage in a regency setting - in my mind this this the lesser of two evils and I can usually ignore it, but when combine with my first peeve - it becomes glaringly oblivious and takes away from my reading enjoyment.If I could get past these two issues, I would have most likely given this book a 4.5 star rating. For the most part it is well written, the characters are likable, the love scenes are steamy and the plot was ok. I felt that a lot of backstory information was missing, which made it hard for the reader to fully understand the characters. Would I read this book again? No. Would I read the next book in the series? Maybe leaning towards probably Would I recommend this book to my friends? Probably not - but I would tell them why and let them decide for themselves less
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This was a great book! Enjoyed it VERY much. Will recommend to others!!
Great read! Fun Characters! Can't wait to read about Olivia!
*downloaded free from Smashwords
Love historical romances!!
Amazon Freebie 01/25/2013
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