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Ride Free (2014)

by Evelyn Glass(Favorite Author)
3.44 of 5 Votes: 1
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Padre Knights MC
review 1: No, no, no! I am so tired of freaking cliffhangers! Two stars because this had the potential for a very good story plus the sex was hot but there was very little of the MC aspect of the story and that's what I wanted! Ali was super annoying with her back and forth attitude regarding her feelings and relationship with both Bobbie and Alejandro. I will not be continuing with this story as it's just prolonging the story between these three characters and that's something that can be accomplished in just one book.
review 2: It was okay. Second chance love story between a bad boy VP of a MC and the woman he cut loose years ago. I enjoyed the beginning of the story. Nice set up and back ground info on H/h and the possible conflicts but the heroine is a drama llama
... morewho spends entire book sending mixed signals to H. I want him-I don't. I want him-I don't. I have a feeling this will play out the entire book. Plus, there is a possible love triangle which irks me. I wanted more storyline with the MC and less of the romance. less
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A little short, but I really liked it. A good start and I liked the characters. I will read book 2.
I love MCCAIN books and this was very different I enjoyed it. I will be reading the second one soon
I hope she stays with Her true love. This is a major cliffhanger.
*Review to come soon*
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