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Red Robin, Vol. 3: The Hit List (2011)

by Fabian Nicieza(Favorite Author)
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1401231659 (ISBN13: 9781401231651)
DC Comics
Red Robin
review 1: In the third volume of the Red Robin series, Tim has stationed himself temporarily in the Bat Bunker with Dick, Damian, and Alfred while he tries to figure out where he wants to go from here. With Ra's al Ghul off his back (for the moment), Tim has another plan up his sleeve; his personal hit list. But there's another secret plan hidden behind this hit list, and Damian's not too happy about it. On the flip side, Tim also has to deal with the rumor spread by Vicki Vale ( who seems to know a lot more than she should) that he and Tam are engaged. Basically, Tim is struggling to get his life back in order. There are quite a few Batfamily scenes (which I'm a complete sucker for), including an appearance by Cassandra Cain, and the reappearance of Bruce Wayne ( as Dick and Damian... more finally brought him back to the future in the Batman and Robin series by Grant Morrison). It's a great read and I highly suggest it to any Batfamily lover.
review 2: This is the definition of a slightly above-average superhero genre book. Nothing terribly exciting, but nothing glaringly below par either. After the year-long experiment of making Tim Drake a hero with a chip on his shoulder, that chip being the belief that Bruce Wayne is still alive, the chip has been removed and the "real" Batman has returned. After, ahem, battling his way through time as a caveman and a pilgrim.With Damian Wayne as the new Robin, Tim keeps his new moniker but plans to return back to what passes for normal life in the world of spandex-clad heroes and villains. Thus begins a five-issue arc that will set up the next year or so for the character. Of particular interest is Tim's foe/love interest Lynx, a chick in a dog mask who (how best to phrase this so my review will not be censored by Amazon.com) arouses more than Red Robin's interest. For fans who have been following Tim Drake's character since his ongoing book in the 90's, they will appreciate the numerous appearances of supporting characters who have been with us since the title's inception. For those less invested in the character, they will find it a pleasant enough addition to the Bat-family mythos. Grade: B less
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It almost feels like they have completely run out of stories for this great character.
RED ROBIN IS THE BOMB. Enough said. Especially with Nicieza's expertise.
This is everything a great comic should be! Longer review to follow.
I really like this series. Interesting story-arc, I think.
Good story, good art. Enjoyed it a lot.
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