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Schuilplaats (2011)

by Frances Greenslade(Favorite Author)
3.7 of 5 Votes: 3
9022961214 (ISBN13: 9789022961216)
review 1: Another great book for me...love the author's writing, her characters, and everything about this story of two sisters. It kind of reminded me of Jeanette Wall's novel, The Glass Castle, but in a different way. To borrow a quote from Caroline Leavitt, on the back cover - "A harrowing, haunting, and exquisitely written novel about sisters, mothers, daughters and whom we love and why. The characters are so alive, you feel them breathing on the pages." I would recommend this book to everyone!
review 2: Maggie Dillon and her sister Jenny live with their parents in the Chilcotin, their father is a logger and their mother a homemaker. This is the story of Maggie, her relationship with her father, her cat, her mother and her big sister. The camping trips her mother t
... moreakes them on are the stuff of magic. Conversely, the trips her father takes her on teach her necessary survival skills. Maggie sees the world with her own special lense and is wise beyond her years. When their father is killed in a logging accident, their lives change dramatically as she watches her mother wind out of control. Irene dumps them with a friend of their father's and takes off. The children try their best to make do with their new surroundings as tragedy looms again and again. Maggie's true friendships save her as she finds out the truth about her mother and father. Definitely a coming of age story, the strength of the human spirit, articulate and beautifully written. less
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This book was a fast read. I needed to know what happened to the mother.
What a childhood experience!
A good weekend fiction.
Deliciously written!
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