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Nicholas: Lord Of Secrets (2013)

by Grace Burrowes(Favorite Author)
3.82 of 5 Votes: 3
1402278543 (ISBN13: 9781402278549)
Sourcebooks Casablanca
Lonely Lords
review 1: I noticed before I was about to start this book that the rating for it was a bit lower than most of the other books in this series and I thought I was about to pick up a bit of bummer of a book. Well, not at all, and I’m quite surprised by the lower score because I really loved this book. No squirmy moments like in the last one! I thought it was really romantic, with a heart of gold big blond giant of a hero and a wounded heroine who was just lovely. I had actually started to read another book, but couldn’t get into it and thought I’d go back to this series, and right from the first page I was hooked, unlike the other book. I’m enjoying this author very much and am glad I’ve got quite a few of her books to look forward to.
review 2: The first boo
... morek of this series, Darius, had issues but I loved the core story. Unfortunately, I had to plow through a lot I didn't like to get at that core. Nicholas, the second of the series, suffers from the same issues. I also loved the core story with this one - a titled heir offers a lady/his friend a white marriage (sexless and childless) in order to save her from her father and they end up in love. Yet, the reasons for the white marriage and Leah's (the Lady friend) drawn out refusals just didn't make much sense to me. Other secondary plot points also didn't make much sense given the circumstances, other than Burrowes needed some tension so she forced the point a few times. I really want to like these books. I really do given the potential. I'll read the next few to see if they improve, but I'm not sold on the series as a whole. less
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Hi new favorite, it was a pleasure reading you.
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