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Zero To Hero (2012)

by Henry Winkler(Favorite Author)
3.57 of 5 Votes: 3
0545298822 (ISBN13: 9780545298827)
Scholastic, Inc.
Ghost Buddy
review 1: There is a solid audience for this series but it is not as good in comparison to the hank zipper series. It is funny but not really truly original in its funniness. The ghost is a nice twist but again not too original. It all seems a bit staged to be anything other than just a funny series of those who like funny but not a serious story line, something where you could really feel for the characters.
review 2: Billy Broccoli is moving into a new house now that his mother has just married Dr. Bennett Fielding. Billy is not happy about moving, and he doesn't want to get out of the car. Unfortunately while sitting in the car, Billy meets Rod Brownstone, the neighborhood bully. Soon after, Billy discovers his new room is pink and purple and it even comes with
... morea resident ghost, Hoover Porterhouse the Third. Apparently, Billy needs help from Hoover to stand up to Rod the bully, be cool in school and catch the eye of Ruby Baker, the girl with the bouncing blond ponytail. In return for helping Billy, Hoover gets good grades on his report card from the Higher Ups, and a chance to be able to leave the boundaries of the ranch where he lived and died 99 years ago. The premise of this story is a little far-fetched and silly, the ghost is not at all scary but the ending is satisfying. Readers will be attracted by the ghost in this story, but I'm not sure they will stick with the story to see how it ends. less
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soooooooooo amazing such good detail and mystery!
This was a good book.
Very cute story.
3.5 stars
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