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Money To Burn (2010)

by James Grippando(Favorite Author)
3.83 of 5 Votes: 5
0061556300 (ISBN13: 9780061556302)
review 1: I liked this book, but it made my head hurt trying to figure out the inner workings and shenanigans of Wall Street. I did come away with a much better understanding of how and why the housing/mortgage bubble burst and why we needed stiffer regulations for banks and investment firms. Anyway, Grippando wove quite a tale of intrigue, murder and mayhem. His characters were complex, the dialog was crisp, and the writing moved the story along at a good pace. It's one of those books where you're never quite sure what's really going on beneath the surface and who's the bad guy(s). Grippando tidied things up a little bit too much at the end, but that was my only gripe. I recommend it.
review 2: Investment banker Michael Cantella seems to have it all with a beautifu
... morel wife and a fantastic career. The only dark spot is the sudden disappearance of his first wife, wife of less than one day, four years ago. Then on his 35 birthday, all his investment accounts suddenly show zero balances. In rapid succession, his investment firm is on the brink of bankruptcy, his wife is asking for a divorce, the FBI investigating him, and he is receiving threatening text messages. Michael is desperate to clear his name, and clues keep leading him back to his first wife, Ivy. Filled with financial details and firmly rooted in the complexities and corruptions of the world of investment banking, Grippando ratchets up the intensity as he paints a compelling portrait of a man whose world is crumbling around him. less
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Phil read this book and wants to read more by this author
Well done....another great book by Grippando
Couldn't put it down:-)
Entertaining thriller.
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