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Strindbergs Stjerne (2010)

by Jan Wallentin(Favorite Author)
2.54 of 5 Votes: 1
review 1: The year was 1897. Nils Strindberg traveled with several companions. Their balloon crashed in the North Pole during the Andree Expedition. What they left behind to this day still has people searching.Erik Hall was checking out pictures of other mine explorers. One that had Erik's attention was of two women who went cave diving near where Erik lives. Erik decided to go explore the cave for himself. He finds more than he bargained for with a dead body. The body is holding an ankh.Don Titelman is a religious symbol expert. He is the perfect person to investigate the mystery surround the ankh. Don is joined by his lawyer, Eva Strand.This book did grab my attention in tbe beginning. This was a good and bad thing. Good as that meant, I was intrigued by the story but bad because... more I started it right before I went to bed. The suspense of what Erik would find down in the mind shaft was enough to keep me awake.Don became the main man in this story. I had mixed feelings about him. On one hand, he was smart and did not lose his cool under pressure but on the other hand, he lacked a big personality. He did not jump off the pages at me. He is more like someone that slowly grows on you the more you spend time with him and get to know him. Also, I felt that the mystery behind the ankh could have used the intensity button cranked up several mroe levels. It was alright but lacking some in action and intrigue. Also, it felt too drawn out. I started to grow bored and found myself at times skimming the book. Mr. Wallentin did a nice job incorporating the three story lines into one another. Overall, I would suggest this book to some of my friends. It had good potential. I am interested to see what Mr. Wallentin comes out with next.
review 2: I won this book in a Goodreads Giveaway.I like thrillers and I really wanted to like this book, but it was only OK. It had all the elements of a thriller, but it took almost half the book for the story to get exciting. The text in the first half jumps between three different stories and it was difficult to keep the characters and situations straight. Once the main character is on the run from the police and the shadowy "Foundation," the pace picks up and the ending was satisfactory.This is a good book to read at the beach. less
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Energisk og underholdende 'rippin yarn', der passer fint til solskin og hængekøje.
Starts out interesting and then just gets more and more implausible and annoying.
Not much, too complicated in an uninteresting way!
engin stjarna frá mér.
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