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Nothing Ventured (2014)

by Jay Northcote(Favorite Author)
3.87 of 5 Votes: 1
Dreamspinner Press
review 1: Thirty-three year old Aiden Watson is convinced that long term relationships just don’t work. His own family is a prime example with multiple divorces of both parents. His own experience of love while in uni just drilled that lesson home. Happily-Ever-Afters were nothing but a myth and Aiden is good with the occasional hook-up and his friends-with-benefits (and ex), Pete.The story starts with the day after a big night out on the town with his friend and co-worker, Liv. Aiden really should have known better than to succumb to the lure of tequila and Liv’s insistence that he sign up as part of their work team for the Mad Mucker, a mud race like no other. Now he has twelve weeks to get racing fit. After turning up at the local pub for a team meeting, Aiden is surprised wh... moreen the Lycra-clad god he’d just seen locking up his bike outside turns out to be on the team and Liv’s cousin, Matt. Pity he’s straight. By the end of the meeting, Matt, a personal trainer, has agreed to be Aiden’s training partner.Matt recently returned home from Australia, where he’d been living since graduating, after breaking up with his fiancé. Matt’s disapproving father, although now deceased, still casts a shadow over his son’s life. Although they weren’t close, growing up with his father’s old-fashioned views, constant criticisms and dispersion against homosexuality, it’s not surprising that Matt has kept his bisexuality in the closet. It’s easier if he keeps to women for relationships. Anything more than casual sexual relationships with men doesn’t fit in with his life plan of eventually settling down with a woman, getting married and having kids. If he’s attracted to women anyway, what’s the point of rocking the boat and making his mother unhappy?As the weeks go by, Matt and Aiden fall into an intensive training schedule. The amount of time they’d been spending together shifts their relationship into one of friendship. During that time, little things have got Aiden thinking maybe Matt isn’t quite as straight as Aiden thought. And the more time they spend together, the closer they get.The author has built a reputation for writing stories that focus very much on the romance, the build up to and beginnings of a new relationship, and this book fits soundly into that category. The developing romance between Aiden and Matt is firmly front and centre and convincingly portrayed. Nothing Ventured is a delightful story and, despite Aiden’s commitment phobia and Matt’s fear of coming out of the closet, fairly angst free. Aiden was a highly likeable character and both he and Matt were well-rounded and believable. The playful banter between them was fun and kept the story light. The obstacle to their relationship was written very effectively and the pacing even. The turn around at the end was perhaps a little too much of a 180, but I didn’t mind that in this story. It was still organic enough to work for me. It was lovely to see their relationship grow throughout the story and I was absolutely emotionally invested in their romance – frustrated when they took a step backwards and cheering for them when they gave in to their feelings. Nothing Ventured is a thoroughly pleasant, feel-good story that I’d definitely recommend as an easy-going and sweet read.
review 2: 4-4.5 stars. I really enjoyed; definitely has that British humor which is dry and hilarious. 2 things I wished for- I couldn't picture Aiden in my head and Matt never really gave any description in his dialogue, and I wish the Epi was longer- which is usually the case with many MM books:) There were many hot moments so that made up for it!!! This one was my favorite in the "Nothing.... " series! less
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4.5 Stars Loved it!!!
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