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Drop Dead Chocolate (2012)

by Jessica Beck(Favorite Author)
3.93 of 5 Votes: 4
1250001056 (ISBN13: 9781250001054)
St. Martin's Paperbacks
Donut Shop Mystery
review 1: Suzanne is in a murderous town! This time she has her Momma to thank. Momma gets upset with the major one too many times and threatens him to run against him for major. Then they find him dead. Momma is number one suspect. Suzanne has all she can do trying to sort it out and her friendship has to take a back seat, even though Grace really needs a talking to about her new beau. Who ends up doing it and who ends up as major?? Read and find out. I'm not telling! :D
review 2: Is Jessica Beck really a man using a woman's name to write under? There was one scene where the book club met in Donut Hearts and there was a long conversation about a male author writing under a female pseudonym.Anyway, this was another quick one in the series. I wish Suzanne would get Max an
... mored what he did to her. It's getting old hearing about it. And Suzanne's sort of a bully the way she acts around people other than Emma, Grace, her Mother, George and Jake. As much as I think the town is cute and I would love to live somewhere lie that, I would get tired of her quickly and hope she didn't have a reason to talk to me other than give me some donuts. less
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Good quick read in the donut series. Always makes me want donuts.
love this series more with each book.
I will never read this author again.
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