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Murder As A Second Language (2013)

by Joan Hess(Favorite Author)
3.16 of 5 Votes: 2
1250030013 (ISBN13: 9781250030016)
Minotaur Books
Claire Malloy
review 1: I mostly like the Claire Malloy mysteries, not for the mystery, but for the snarky characters of Claire and her teenage daughter Caron; how can she make sniping sound so funny and so spot on? In this installment, Caron has to do volunteer work to put on her college applications and somehow Claire is drawn in to be on the board of the local nonprofit that teaches ESL. When a mean old Polish woman is murdered, Claire hops on the case, despite the misgivings of her policeman husband Peter.
review 2: I used to really enjoy this series, but this was the first title I've read in a while. Claire seemed whiny and not all that likeable (gee, I wonder where Caron gets it from?). I made it about 1/2 of the way through and realized I just didn't care who the killer was. Th
... moreere was no tension and nothing at stake for Claire, who is apparently now just looking for things to fill her days since she's not needed at the bookstore. Very disappointed. less
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Not as well developed as previous Claire Malloy mysteries, but still an enjoyable read.
One of many of the series that I have liked enough to keep reading.
Way too many red herrings and dangling plotlines.
Not her best, but OK.
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