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Lyon's Crew (2000)

by Jordan Silver(Favorite Author)
3.71 of 5 Votes: 5
The Lyon
review 1: Colton Lyon doesn't know what the story is behind Kat, but when one of his crew asks to give her a try as assistant in his shop he agrees. Kat is a bit of an enigma to Colton, one minute she is a timid breakable bird and the next the temper has arisen and she is putting a man in his place. Colton realizes Kat is the one for him and introduces her to a lifestyle she never could imagine, keeping her protected though is another matter especially when he learns about her past.There were aspects I liked, but I did have a problem with her age. She comes off a bit immature in some spots, Colton is definitely pure dom and there is chemistry between the two. Would continue to read to see where the story goes from here.
review 2: Despite the reviews I decided to rea
... mored it. I wanted to quit reading it so many times but because it was a short book I thought I could finish it. Then you come to the ending and I could've quit at anytime in the book because that's how it is at the ending. It just stops!!!! I spent more time rereading parts because I had no idea who's POV it was. Colton isn't just an alpha male. He's an insecure ass that almost could be seen as an abuser. The sex scenes were SO over the top - "My legs are growing tired from being in the same position for so long. I've been sitting on Colton's face for the last three hours or so". REALLY!!!! Not to mention Kat is a virgin who not only gives him her virginity but she lets him pierce both her nipples and her hoo hoo. Then the editing of this book. Was there an editor? I'm not picky when it comes to grammar and that but at one point I thought there was a character named Jake but it turns out that it was Jared they were talking about.Unlike some of the other really good biker books out there this one doesn't even come close. I can't imagine wanting to read the rest of the series. less
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4 stars not for literary content but for complete smutiness which I totally needed right now.
Storyline was pretty good. It is in need of serious editing!
I just realized I keep coming back for more.
re read...3.75****
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