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1001 Dark Nights: Roped In (2014)

by Lorelei James(Favorite Author)
4.25 of 5 Votes: 5
Evil Eye Concepts, Incorporated
review 1: I had a love hate relationship with Sutton in Tanna's book...but after reading this book I am totally enamored with him. London is the perfect match up for Sutton, and I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book.I do wish this had been a little longer...the time gaps were pretty big in some areas, but it was still able to hold my interest the entire way through.I can't wait to see what else is coming for the Blacktop series in the future.
review 2: Not a fan of the plot or the heroine…This review will probably be in the minority but as all reviews are subjective to the reader it is an honest expression of what I took away from this story.Sutton Grant is a champion bulldogger who is recovering from injury and needs someone to work his horse, to keep him in shape fo
... morer competition. This is not the first time Sutton has been injured and he has much to think about in regards to his future. The trainer that he wants to work his horse does not like him and he’ll pretty much do anything to get her help and if he can have some fun in the process so be it though he’s not one for casual flings.London Gradsky is the horse trainer that originally trained Sutton’s horse before he bought him from her parent’s stables. She despises him for taking the horse but she also hears what he says about the horse’s needs and because she is in dire need of assistance with something of her own she makes a deal with him to play her new boyfriend so as not to be pitied by others.This reader just did not connect with the plot or with London. I did not expect from the blurb the childishness that was exhibited in the story. For a woman of 27 years of age London is quite immature. She didn’t love her ex so the fact that she needed to rub it in his face and others that she has a new man is teenage behavior. At her age it should not matter what her ex or anyone else thought about their breakup or it wouldn’t to a confidant woman. London was a character with no depth, childish with lustful behaviors. The way she threw herself at Sutton was a turn-off, showing her desperation to have sex. She is a sassy character which I normally like but it rubbed this reader the wrong way. I did not feel that she was the right woman for Sutton or that their chemistry was anything more than just lust. I did not feel that there was an emotional connection between them no matter what was said. Sutton was a character with depth that I very much liked and wanted to know more about what made him tick. I did feel that he was annoyed by the pretense but he needed London to work with his horse and had no other options in the time frame that he had. I would have liked him with another woman, someone much more mature, someone like the old friend that he went to get advice from. With that woman I felt that there was an emotional connection which is what I should have felt that there was between Sutton and London. For this reader Sutton settled for London for the sex and that she didn’t run away from the other things about him, they are not my idea of an ideal couple. less
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4.5 stars...hot novella, funny and sexy, as I've come to expect from LJ.
A good short story that leaves you wanting more Sutton Grant!
3.5 Stars
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