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The Mighty Thor/Journey Into Mystery: Everything Burns (2012)

by Matt Fraction(Favorite Author)
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review 1: Great ending to Kieron Gillen's epic Kid Loki story in Journey Into Mystery. I was a bit worried that tying it into the main Mighty Thor series would hurt the flow of the story but I'm glad I was wrong. Everything Burns really is one big story where both Thor and Loki are the stars (and frankly, Loki probably outshines Thor most of the time here). All of the plots that Gillen introduced throughout the series find their way back here; all of Loki's schemes end up having consequences which matter in the end and ultimately, yes, everything burns.Some notes on the art:1) I know he's a legend but I'm not normally a fan of Alan Davis' work. However, I really liked it here and his version of Surtur is truly fearsome and monstrous.2) It took me a while to take to Stephanie Hans' p... moreainted style but now I really appreciate it. It's nice that she got to do the series finale after doing most of the series covers and she did a really good job.
review 2: Honestly, I've loved JiM, but the last few paperbacks - especially this one - have gotten confusing, and not in a good way. Keeping track of everything that happened with Thor, when I don't read The Mighty Thor, definitely made it taxing. And not completely understanding the point of some of the things Loki did in this paperback (as well as previous ones) made it hard to keep up with. Still, it was a good, if not heartbreaking ending. I loved the moments between Loki and Thor, and seeing their brotherly love. It was nice to meet a Loki who was mischievous, but still had the best interests at heart. The ending seemed a tad bit random and sudden, but it worked well enough. I'll probably end up rereading JiM to see if it makes better sense the second time around. That, and I have too much love for KidLoki not to. less
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...more like Everything Hurts. /curls into a ball and cries
everything burns more like everything hurts
Very well written. Hated to see it end.
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