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The Black Box (2012)

by Michael Connelly(Favorite Author)
4.04 of 5 Votes: 3
0316069434 (ISBN13: 9780316069434)
Little Brown
Harry Bosch
review 1: Another Harry Bosch page turner. He is working a cold case from the LA riots many years ago. A journalist who was covering war crimes was murdered. He wasn't able to properly investigate at the time because of the riots, but is now back on the case. I liked the way the clues built on one another until he has a trail to follow in spite of the loss of time. His internal affairs investigation for improper behavior is an interesting twist, particularly when it is revealed where it originated. You know who is guilty, and can just sit back and enjoy Bosch tracking them down. If you're looking for a good escapist read, I'd recommend you try this one.
review 2: Another good Harry Bosch book. He's still in the open unsolved department so he's still grabbing a case
... more and taking it to the end even when his superiors want it just shelved if no result in the first week to make their numbers look good. Not as much of a thriller as a few other of his books and an unanswered question at the end. Holds your attention to the end. Looking forward to the next one. less
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Held my interest until the very end. I liked it I liked it a lot.
I liked it. Harry Bosch did it again.
Pretty much a typical Bosch story.
I always enjoy Michael Connelly.
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