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Šilko Kelio Daina (2012)

by Mingmei Yip(Favorite Author)
3.1 of 5 Votes: 5
Alma littera
review 1: Sexy and provocative! A young lady in New York gets a mysterious offer for millions of dollars if she fulfilled the wishes of a mysterious aunt. Her aunt wanted her to retrace her own travels along the Silk Road. Lily travels to China, where she complies with her aunt's bizarre and cryptic requests. Her adventures in the desert, remote mountains and villages makes her search her soul, find love, and understand the meaning of family.
review 2: I thought this would be a great novel with some information about the Silk Road and China. Little did I know that it would be more like a Harlequin novel with a lot of sex thrown in for good measure. Unfortunately we were traveling and I had only this book to read or else I would have tossed it. My recommendation: Give thi
... mores book a wide pass unless you are looking for something with an unrealistic plot and a lot of fluff. less
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Did not finish book. Thought the story line boring. Got about 1/2 way through and decided to quit.
The story line was engaging. Be warned, there is a lot of explicit sexual content.
I didn't enjoy this book. I thought the prose were very awkward.
Amazing. I haven't read anything so enjoyable in a long time.
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