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Night Of The Hunter (2014)

by R.A. Salvatore(Favorite Author)
4.81 of 5 Votes: 3
0786965118 (ISBN13: 9780786965113)
Wizards of the Coast
Companions Codex
review 1: More like 3.5 Stars. While I thoroughly enjoyed this book, it felt inconsistent. There was lots of time spent with the drow and their politics, which was well written and interesting. Unfortunately, I felt the parts with the heroes of the book to be kind of boring, rushed and an "adventures of the Companions", while the rest of the book set the stage for the sequels. I love these characters, and while I skipped the saga of neverwinter and the orcs, I really enjoyed the previous book "Companions". I am looking forward to the next book, but hope that the heroes are given more time and their story becomes more interesting. A lot of the time in this book, I felt the heroes were discovering the 5th edition D&D Players Handbook - as many of the alchemy and spell descriptions fel... moret like they were there to identify themselves for new readers and players. That felt overly simplistic for unnatural for Salvatore and something I really resented. I don't need to know about mixing lichen to make a healing potion or burning hands or using up spells -- soooo mechanical. I do think the story of Drizzt is overdone at this stage, by a lot. But I can't help but still have a small crush on the story. It definitely was nice though to see many storylines from over the years, even from the half dozen or so books I missed, converge here. It sort of feels like this COULD finally be the last of the Drizzt series (meaning this trilogy) - but who knows... I can only recommend this book if you are a big fan of Drizzt and have read many of his stories - otherwise, it just is not really that good.
review 2: I was very excited for this book and it did not disappoint. Salvatore, when writing Drow elves, is usually at his pinnacle. This was not only good, but great in this regard. Gromph, Quenthel, and the rest of the families were the best part about this book.I was further happy with the development of Artemis and Drizzt's relationship. I have wanted them to become close for a long time, and Salvatore has slowly been bringing them to that point.His best work since Gauntlgrym. less
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It was a very interesting and satisfying read, A Salvatore triumph for sure.
This is a good book, can not wait for the next book in the series.
Awesome to have everyone back and can't wait for next one!
R.A. Salvatore at his best.
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