These are the after pics of some projects that I rescued from the curb. Pre-blog. The stool had torn , ugly fabric on it and it was 90’s looking cherry wood. I replaced the foam, found some fabric at Goodwill for .99, spray painted it and now I have a brand new sitting stool for my bathroom. . The storage buffet it was an ugly oak but the glass was in tact so I hauled it in the back of Blanche! Notice how there are little teal squares on the glass? That’s after spray from the paint. I didn’t cover the center of the glass only the borders-but I liked it so instead of scraping it off I left it! Blanche is my RAV4

The old typewriter table I saved from my husband grandma’s yard. It used to have the lift up side table but I couldn’t find it! I sanded all the rust off and it fits perfectly in my washroom for the cat food and my laundry basket.

I actually planned on using these mid-century legs on another project but they were too short. So I sanded/painted it and it fits perfectly as a side table!

Driving to the store I saw that one of the neighborhoods had bulk pick up this week! So sad I didn’t get a chance to do a drive by! Hopefully tomorrow I’ll go on my lunch and get lucky!

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