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Kept By Him (2013)

by Red Garnier(Favorite Author)
3.97 of 5 Votes: 3
1466833475 (ISBN13: 9781466833470)
St. Martin's Paperbacks
The Billionaire's Club
review 1: Hell! This stories keep coming more and more perfect. It have so much action, funny scenes and hot scenes that I barely cannot put it down. I never thought that Daniel had this side of him.As I said, this time was the time of Daniel Lexington and our woman is Monica Davenport is the winner. I can say that she was the winner long time ago thanks to their backgrounds. They knew each other for years and love each other for years too, but neither of them want to say it to the other. Basically that was Monica's fault. She was traumatized after her parents died by killing themselves together. She swore never to give her heart to someone, but it was too late. Her heart belongs to Daniel long time ago and she have his too.After years of separation and trying to deny themselves, sh... moree makes a proposition to him. Have sex without feelings, because she wanted a better relationship with his actual boyfriend. What a joke, right? Anyway, Danny accepts, but in the way both keep falling in love and this time nothing can stop them. Which that was the war Monica had in all the book. She knew she was in love with him, never wanted to tell him, then screw up and was scared that she didn't want him anymore. GIRL! He is head over heels for you, never doubt that.At the end, everything went well. I totally love the epilogue! It was a magazine article about both of them being around kissing, going to dinner and alll that stuff. It also gave us the peek that she have a ring in her hand, so maybe he ask her to marry him. That would be very lovely! The Ice Maiden & The Prince of the Wind City ARE NOW together and hopefully forever! Yeah, I will think it is. READ THE BOOK!
review 2: LOVED ITDaniel Lexington billionaire, known as the prince of Chicago is the hero in this edition of the billionaires club series. Daniel, tall and blond with green eyes is the dream man of many women. But even though Daniel has had many women in his life, there is only one woman he wants, and that is Monica Davenport. They've known each other since childhood, Monica's history is quite tragic, causing her to keep a tight hold on her emotions. Hence the press have named her the ice maiden. Monica never lets herself go in or out of bed. Determined to feel something and try to let herself go, she approaches Daniel and asks him to have sex with her.Enjoyed this story the fourth in the series, even though it was a bit cliched. The sex was hot and passionate. I liked Daniel he was a great character, and although Monica had experienced tragedy via her parents. I wished she had not been quite so reticent with Daniel. But this is still a good story for those fans of this series. I'm really looking forwards to Cade's story which is next. less
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Ends at 98% on my Kindle.Part of a series - Stand Alone - HEA - No Cliffhanger
Another great read.....I just wish all these stories were longer.
Love this series....wish they were all longer!!
Said there is only one left. Juicy as ever
My second favorite of this series.
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