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Blood Of The Demon (2011)

by Rosalie Lario(Favorite Author)
3.83 of 5 Votes: 1
1937044157 (ISBN13: 9781620610404)
Entangled Publishing, LLC
Demons of Infernum
review 1: I thought this was a very good book. I enjoyed the story line of the good guys battling what he thinks he should do and falling for the girl. It was a nice mix of bringing the history of the characters and their world to the story being told. Love the mix of character "nationalities", half demon/dragon shifter, faerie, angel and siren. Wow, that was different. But each brought it's own unique part to the story. Of course, the great sex scenes were a bonus too. Overall, I would recommend this story to others.
review 2: love the brothers... they just born HOT.. As the oldest of the family, Keegan held so much responsibility towards his beloved brothers.For this one mission, they have to secure some heir of the ancient priest regarding to their father scheme to r
... moreule the earth by creating the walking dead.The mission became personal, when Keegan fallen for Brynn, hard.Almost sacrifice himself to die, Keegan tried to save everyone he loves, his brother and his new found love.I love the quick flow of the story, the usual way of Rosalie Lario's books.This series accompany the other one, the Fallen series.a new world of otherworlders.. and one more thing.. the sexual scenes... that's one part that you don't want to miss.. just.. HOT!!! less
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Read this a while back, but it never made it off my to-read list. Now I need to finish the series.
Is a good book to read forever and ever since the heart of a great book to read
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Definitely enjoyed it! :)
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