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Dinosaur Feather (2000)

by S.J. Gazan(Favorite Author)
3.39 of 5 Votes: 5
review 1: First sentencesChapter 1 Solnhofen, Southern Germany, 5 April 1877 Anna Bella Nor was dreaming she had unearthed Archaeopteryx, the earliest and most primitive bird known. The excavation was in its sixth week, a fine layer of soil had long since embedded itself into everyone’s faces and the mood had hit rock bottom. Friedemann von Molsen, the leader of the excavation , was the only one still in high spirits. Every morning when Anna staggered out of her tent, sleepy and shivering in the cold, von Molsen would be sitting by the fire, drinking coffee; the congealed oatmeal in the pot proving he had cooked and eaten his breakfast long ago. Anna was fed up with oatmeal, fed up with dirt, fed up with kneeling on the ground that only revealed bones that were, of course, interes... moreting in their own right, but were too young to be the reason she studied biology, and most definitely not the reason she was spending six weeks of her precious summer vacation living in such miserable conditions. The year was 1877 and, at this point in her dream, Anna got the distinct feeling something didn’t add up. She was wearing her quilted army jacket and thick furry boots with rubber soles, but Friedemann von Molsen didn’t seem the least bit surprised, even though he had a pipe in his mouth and was wearing a three-piece corduroy suit with a pocketwatch and a wool cap that rested on his ears. They were in Solnhofen, north of Munich, and in addition to Anna and von Molsen , the group consisted of two local porters, two other postgraduate students, and von Molsen’s brandy-colored retriever bitch, whose name also happened to be Anna Bella; a truly irritating detail in the dream. While they plodded across the same ridge as yesterday, von Molsen told anecdotes. His stories weren’t particularly amusing and, by now, Anna had heard them so many times that she no longer derived any pleasure from having been dropped into a time in history in which any natural scientist would give their right arm to experience.Gazan, S.J. (2013-11-05). The Dinosaur Feather (pp. 1-2). Quercus. Kindle Edition.
review 2: The book was interesting when the plot was being developed and some of the information about dinosaurs was fine. When it side tracked into character development and background, it was boring, long winded, badly edited, and rather poorly done. It had some facts wrong like the professor living on Vancouver Island next to the University of British Columbia. (Try about a five hour ferry and car ride between the two.) It made me wonder about the biology facts which I am much more ignorant of than geography facts. The intense rivalry and bad feeling between academics over mundane science was well done but I hope mostly exaggerated. All the characters were angry -- mostly unreasonably so!My little dog ate the book up. Literally and devastatingly. Oh well, I had almost finished it, and he saved the ending part for me. less
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Interesting mystery set in Copenhagen.
Beach read.
2.5 stars.
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