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Witch Hunt (2000)

by Syd Moore(Favorite Author)
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1847562698 (ISBN13: 9781847562692)
review 1: This should be a no-brainer easy summer read type of book, and it's not that it is bad, I am sure many would enjoy it, it is just that it is one of those books where it is taking forever for anything interesting to actually happen and just when something starts to happen, the main character - in what I suspect is the author's attempt to tease or keep the suspense up - decides to do something really dumb like pick out her outfit for the next day or something. So even though a book like this I should have been done with in less than a day, I am finding it impossible to read more than a few pages a night because the lead character is so annoyingly dumb.
review 2: As another reviewer has said, what I found really annoying about this book was how dim the 'heroine' i
... mores. A supposed rising star in journalism, she seems woefully incapable of seeing what is right in front of her nose. Whilst it does tell a good story, with an interesting speculative twist on historical fact, too much of the dialogue made me cringe, and in the end I desperately wanted to get to the end just to prove that it wasn't going to be as predictable as I feared. Alas, it was exactly as I'd thought right from the beginning. less
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Baring for being overlong and a few parts that didn't need to be in there a surprisingly good read.
Not my usual sort of read...surprisingly enjoyable, finished in two nights.
Interesting read. Makes me want to read 'Mist Over Pendle' again.
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