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Death In The Floating City (2012)

by Tasha Alexander(Favorite Author)
3.83 of 5 Votes: 4
0312661762 (ISBN13: 9780312661762)
Minotaur Books
Lady Emily
review 1: A great exploration of Venice as obvious from the title. A nice mystery and good enough book that it gets away with jumping back and forth into the past to explore the historical story resulting in the modern mystery. I don't like that yet again a great female author has felt the need to include a rape scene although she handles it better than some. Nice ending that made me reach straight for the next book!
review 2: I was really enjoying this one right up until the end. I liked the setting, Venice Italy, with its canals and old world history. And I liked the hundred year old back story that frames the background of this mystery. I liked everything right up until the murderer is revealed, and then it all went to pot for me. It seemed contrived and out of left f
... moreield. I fear this series may be starting to run cold for me. less
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I enjoyed it;) It was recommended by the librarian. I like historical fiction;)
My absolute favorite. The parallel story was mesmerizing.
really sad, like the upbeat ones better
Probably my favorite of the series.
This one might be my favorite.
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