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L'aventurière (2011)

by Tessa Dare(Favorite Author)
3.79 of 5 Votes: 2
2290034207 (ISBN13: 9782290034200)
J'ai Lu
The Wanton Dairymaid Trilogy
review 1: Sophia Hathaway, aka the runaway heiress, has resurfaced from the destruction she inevitably, though unintentionally, caused for her intended groom, Toby, at the conclusion of Goddess of the Hunt (read review here). It's only to procure a more permanent means of escape, however. Headed to Tortola (on the pretense of gainful employment as Jane Turner, a governess), Sophia intends to shed the expectations of an English rose and truly blossom, by her own choosing. Tessa Dare set up Sophia as an appealing character in the first of the series and lets her take center stage with a paralleled vigor. "...breaking her engagement and ensuring a scandal of Byronic proportions. Seeds of irrevocable ruin, scattered with the wind..."Let's see if Grayson cares about the chaos Sophia... more left behind in England, shall we? Not likely, I assure you. Truth be told, Sophia has managed to meet Gray during his own personal crossroads. A reformed scoundrel, Gray is now embarking on the life of mercantilism, a completely legitimate profession. Thing is, Sophia's hidden desires behind propriety all her life and Gray is decadent, temptation incarnate.She could not bid caution to overtake the gothic thrill. For Heaven's sake, a pirate.Will Gray's new found business ethic alienate Sophia and send her into the arms of another? How can they be what the other needs when they're pursuing such opposite paths? When Sophia disentangles herself from rich restraints, ready to embrace infamy unbridled, will Gray cease and desist (as a privateer would)...or hold true to his reckless nature?"Come on, Gray," she mimicked saucily, her hips wriggling under his hands. "You're no fun anymore.""No," he growled. "I'm not." I've gone respectable, he reminded himself, as of this voyage. Damned if he could remember why, or what was the bloody rush. Why hadn't he waited another month to reform? The start of the new year would have been a logical choice. What kind of a fool made resolutions in December?The secondary cast of characters displayed loyalty and reveled in a humor so necessary to enduring the rough life of a sailor. There is also a younger Grayson, Captain Grayson, who embodies the moral compass Gray is hell bent on adhering to in lieu of smashing. A visit from King Triton (that I was sure would reveal Sophia's ruse!) was a bittersweet ritual among the brotherhood. There is lots to love! However, 60% into the story before they finally kiss? A rather risque scene prior to their first kiss was scorching, but a few stolen caresses along the way would have heightened the attraction and the ultimate consummation. Leave it to me to complain about this, huh? :D Lies and half-truths. Betrayal and uncertainty. And most signicant, fear. Fear that truth will corrupt love rather than nurture what's taken root. A slow, but steady seduction of the senses. Tessa Dare tugs at your heart, accelerates your heart beat, and assures you that hearts are meant to survive no matter the blows.A Lady of Persuasion is the final installment of this historical romance trilogy. Toby, Sophia's jilted bridegroom, has been humiliated and is considering taking revenge. Did I mention there was a third Grayson? Carmen ;)
review 2: This book wasn't as fun and witty as Goddess of the Hunt...and from that book I never really did like Sophia..but I thought I would give her a try anyway and I was disappointed as I knew I would be. Sophia is a immature habitual liar. For her to be 20 years old she lives in a serious fantasy world. I did however like Gray...but I can't see him actually being over 30 years old and falling in love with a childish female as Sophia. I didn't buy it. Also, the story really wasn't all that exciting or interesting. Slow moving and practically boring. The only chapter I like in this entire book was chapter 23...damn near the end... less
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Dragged a bit. Would have preferred a bit more action and intensity. Sex scenes were very steamy!
ahh me gustó mucho el final, fue muy inesperado pero bonito
Another Distant memory of adoration.
Very enjoyable read.
It was ok
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