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Les Ignorants (2011)

by Étienne Davodeau(Favorite Author)
4.11 of 5 Votes: 4
2754803823 (ISBN13: 9782754803823)
Futuropolis (Gallimard)
review 1: Excellent book! The subtitle could more accurately read, "... learn about each other's jobs," since they don't literally swap. This is my first exposure to Davodeau's work. He's got a deceptively simple style. There's also a page by cartoonist Lewis Trondheim, which, being as I love Trondheim's work, impressed me greatly. Thanks to semi-regular wine tastings at a friend's house (Hi, Mike!) I was familiar with some of the terminology used. Overall, this is a fine book whether one is a comics fan, a wine lover, or both.
review 2: 'The Initiates' shot Etienne Davodeau to the top of my list of favorite authors, and I will definitely be checking out more of his books. His writing is intimate, relatable and manages to hold your attention even through personal a
... morenecdotes. I also love his drawing style, particularly his mix of ink sketching and what looks like watercolor. Davodeau somehow evokes so much through his simple palette of black/white/grey, and he's inspired me to do more experimentation with simplicity. I'm so happy this was translated from the original French, and I encourage anyone to check this out! less
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Got a bit repetitive about 1/2 way in, but it was very interesting! And I liked the drawing style.
Un récit d'expériences croisées des plus intéressants. La BD que j'aurais voulu écrire.
a terrific tribute to wine making and comic creation and the magic that both hold.
Really enjoyed it! Surprised me.
Passionnant! J'ai adoré.
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